Monday, December 28, 2009

ILYA Khatam Al-Quran - 10 December 2009

Proud of my young girl dah Khatam Quran at age 9. Kalau kita dolu dolu, Darjah 3 tu masih ramai yang dok ngaji muqaddam lagi...

Budak2 sekarang terima banyak kebaikan dan kesenangan. Semuanya dah mudah.

Monday, November 9, 2009

GLORIANS 80's Gathering at Yam's place

Jawatankuasa pengelola... orang2 kuat. Paling Kuat adalah Mariam sebagai tuan rumah yang telah menyediakan tapak, hidangan lazat & surrounding yg menarik sekali.

Antara yang hadir.... Ramai juga yang balik awal atas sebab komitmen lain yang lebih memerlukan.

Pakcik2 yang berusaha membuat cabutan bertuah dengan cara OOOOOO... ZOM!
Then bilang ada berapa jumlah jari semuanya.KELAKAR! Tak pernah di buat orang.

Itulah antara aktiviti kami sewaktu Glorians 80 get together baru baru ini.

Last Saturday (7/11) I drove down to Bukit Kapar to join the celebration of our 29th year after school, at Yam's place. The preparation & setting were splendid! Really appreciate & salute the committees- they've done an excellent job.

Our Batch theme colour is orange, so the tent & tables were also decorated in orange & white. It was really obvious from far.There was a PA System & a hired DJ as well.Wow! Never thought of that...

The DJ would announce each arrival... (Macam laluan ke Red Carpet pulak). So everyone will be aware. Macam2 reaction received, ada yang too excited to see each other sampai terlupa nak greet tuan rumah dulu.....hahaha....

There were games for the children, sessi melawat ladang kambing- lead by Uncle Molor (Yam's brothers are working on the farm known as Teguh Ternak Sdn Bhd). The kids were so excited & I can see that through their sparkling eyes.

There were also good food ie: nasi lemak, stew + bun , pasta, puyuh goreng , kambing bakar, ayam bakar, kuih muih & etc....

Lepas makan, sambung dengan sessi teh tarik pulak sambil sembang & makan lagi tanpa henti.
Wow! Best! Seronok betul dapat jumpa kawan2 lama masa sekolah yang duduk bergurau/berbaik/berkelahi etc selama 5++tahun di boarding school dulu.

Tn Hj Dharma sponsor each of us an orange tshirt with tag line- "FRIENDS FOREVER".
We love that tag line..... A good outing for the weekend.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm so.... lazy to write nowadays....

The fasting month had flown so fast & here comes Aidilfitri... Frankly speaking, I could't find the mood for Hari Raya until the last minute, forced my daughter to make some cookies & bought a few as well. A few types of kerepek for munchies seekers.

Finally, we celebrated our Hari Raya in PJ before proceeding back to KT to celebrate with the other side of the families.Visited the uncles & aunties and a few cousins place.

Monday, August 31, 2009


The Ramadhan is here now.... Our office session changed. Starts 1/2 hour early , lunch break cut down by 1/2 hr & we go back 1 hr earlier. That's something for the mothers especially.... Most of us here have ample time in the kitchen...We always prefer to cook than buying from the Bazaar.

The school children were so happy that their 1st week of fasting ,spent during the school holiday... meaning... they can stay longer in bed. Having the chance to break their fast at home for those who stay in hostels, arghhh....WONDERFUL!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


That Thursday, came back early in the evening to fetch mum from bro's place. Planned to have her at home during the weekend, therefore I took leave on Friday.At least, I can have the 3 solid says with her. Been occupied for the past 2 weekends with extra co-curiculum, at last... felt better that I can have her at home.... She was already in town for almost 3 weeks. (that's considered long).

While preparing dinner and HB just got home, he receive the message from KT, FIL was in the ER. What? ER? What's wrong? How's he? Those questions keep recurring. HB told be the news and has already started preparing himself to get back there at once. What about me? He said that I better stay & wait , the kids & mum were at home. stay? can't I be with him always? meanwhile, continue preparing dinner coz in my mind, he got to fill up his stomach before the journey coz he's for sure not stopping anywhere else unless he gets tired. But in this case, I'm 100% sure he won't get tired with the mind is in the midst of questions unanswered.

Managed to change his mind, I followed him back. Reached the hospital around 12.30am. FIL looked tired & sleeping most of the time. They're unsure of the cause of his unbalance, just assuming that it could be mild stroke.

After the 3rd day, then come result of the diagnose. Yes, sort of mild stroke, he felt dizziness, unbalance when he tried to get up. We all pray for his speedy recovery.

Monday, July 27, 2009


After completing the function in Seremban on the 13th June, the newly wed were celebrated again in Ketereh on the 27th. MH & me decided that we just can't make it this time round and we just wait for the function at Pekan (bridegroom's hometown) 11th July. Surely we'll be the host that weekend.

11th July emerge, and the whole weekend was sort like we're having a family gathering again. This time, with more people, including aunties, uncles, cousins & a few more relatives that decided to come along with the troop to Pekan.

12 vehicles convoyed to Pekan & they accepted our presence with so much joy & treated us so well. There were Silat performance & life band as well. Wah! tak kalah grand jugak...

The following weekend, last but not least, the celebration is done at Kuala Terengganu. This time to cater the friends & relatives around the area. So we all went back to help out wherever possible.

Wow! I personally feels that Illie's wedding is the "most happening thing" happening in the family this year. Cucu pertamalah katakan....

Agaknya sebab banyak event dalam bulan June & July ni, agak tak sempat nak update gambar2 dlm blog ni.
Kat ofis pun bz juga sebab nak kelolakan Hadiah bagi Kernival Sukan 2009.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June was really a busy month for me....
Hardly find time to be in this mood of updating this blog.

Wah....! That's my first impression when arrived at Kak's place. Canopies were well decorated with white, yellow & gold scallops. The whole "padang" area nearby were covered by canopies.

The other brothers & sisters were alraedy there (most of them ,since Tuesday) & we were the last family to arrive. Nak wat cam ner.... Last week dah terpaksa cuti 2 hari for the A'Famosa function. Tak sampai hati nak cuti lagi... Just took one day off - Friday with the thought that we could leave Kuantan on Thursday night but unfortunately the wheather do not permit us to do so... It was so dark & expected heavy rain will be pouring, so we decided to travel on early Friday morning.

The "nikah ceremony" went well despite the imam was late more than 1/2 hr . I bet the bridegroom dah mula resah inside when he has to wait on quite sometime but he remain looking cool. Respect lah!..... Done with one breath!... sah? sah...... Alhamdulillah.... doa....

Saturday-the khenduri besar. Memang besarlah juga.... As usual, bapa/mak saudara bantu dalam bab menyambut tetamu... Ilie's cousins semuanya tolong deliver berkat/cenderahati. Itulah untungnya ada ramai adik beradik & sepupu. Bila dah ramai, bergotong royong aje, semua jadi ringan.